Wednesday 15 January 2020

Online apply for CCL in Haryana Government Education Department

What is CCL or Child Care Leave

“child care leave” means the leave admissible to a female Government employee for a maximum period of two years (i.e. 730 days) during the entire service for taking care of her two eldest surviving children upto the age of 18 years only;
Conditions in case of CCL
A competent authority may grant child care leave to a woman Government employee subject to following conditions:-
(1) Child care leave shall be admissible for a maximum period of 730 days during the entire service for taking care of her two eldest surviving children below the age of 18 years only.
 (2) Child care leave shall not be demanded as a matter of right and no one can, under any circumstances, proceed on child care leave without prior proper sanction of the leave by the competent authority

(3) Child care leave shall be admissible during the probation period, provided the probation period shall be extended by the period of child care leave availed.
(4) This leave may not be availed for a spell of less than 30 days.
(5) Recognized holidays including sundays and vacation falling during the period of leave shall also be treated as child care leave.
(6) Leave not due (without production of medical certificate) may be granted under these rules beyond the period of 730 days of child care leave .
(7) Any other kind of regular leave may be prefixed or suffixed to child care leave.
(8) The leave account of child care leave shall be maintained in the prescribed proforma and be kept in the service book.
(9) Period of any other kind of leave already availed or the period of unauthorized absence shall not be converted into child care leave with retrospective effect.
(10) No child care leave shall be admissible for third or next child irrespective of age.
(11) Child care leave will be allowed to women Government employees with the intention to facilitate them to take care of their children at the time of need but it does not mean that child care leave shall disrupt the functioning of the offices/ institutions/schools etc. Therefore, it shall be the duty of sanctioning authority to keep this in view.
(12) The competent authority for grant of such leave shall be as under:-
 Appointing Authority Group C & D employees Full powers
 Head of Department Group B employees Full Powers
 Administrative Secretary Group A employees Full Powers
 Note.─ This rule shall also be applicable to women employees appointed on adhoc basis and work charged employees, however, not before completion of minimum two years service and not beyond the date of discharge or termination on whatsoever reason.

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