Friday 31 December 2021

List of primary school of District Yamuna Nagar with MIS Code

 List of schools with zone

 List of Primary schools of District Yamuna Nagar 

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Ammended zone of schools of district yamunanagar
as per DSE letter NO .KW 8/2-2020 Coord (2) dated 08/01/2021
GSSS topra kalan (0242) Radaur now in zone 6
GSSS chamrori (0202) Radaur now in zone  5
GHS Bapa (5511) Radaur now in zone
GPS Daulatpur (18669) Radaur  now  in zone 5
GMS Sabapur (6268) Sadhaura now in 5
GSSS Saran (191) Mustafabad now in zone 5